Natural Remedies To Ease Lyme Disease Symptoms

Natural Remedies Could Help Reduce Lyme Disease Symptoms

For many people who develop Lyme Disease and are treated early the short course of antibiotics rids their bodies of the disease and their symptoms leave. For others, however, particularly if they are diagnosed late in the infection treatment is more difficult and symptoms can linger for months.

Anytime your body is dealing with an infection your immune system along with other bodily systems like your digestive system are weakened by the disease. When using antibiotic treatment, as in the case of Lyme disease, your systems can be weakened by the medication itself.

So for both of these reasons it makes sense to give your body help in the form of nutritional supplements to build it up so that you can fight off the disease more effectively and end it sooner.

Lyme Disease is a serious illness caused by a bacteria and the need to take the initial round of antibiotics prescribed by your doctor is very real. We are not suggesting that you forgo antibiotic treatment and attempt to kill the bacteria without medication. This could be lead to worse infection and dangerous repercussions.

The list of nutritional supplements below may be useful to add to your antibiotic treatment to strengthen your immune system, your gut and to lesson the symptoms themselves. We hope you find it helpful.

Nutritional Supplements That May Be Useful in the Treatment of Lyme Disease

Probiotics to improve immunity and restore microflora during and after antibiotics

Curcumin is helpful at reducing neurological toxins and brain swelling

Astaxanthin to neutralize toxins, improve vision, and relieve joint pain, common in Lyme

Whey protein concentrate may help with nutrition, often poor in Lyme patients who don’t feel well enough to eat properly

Grapefruit seed extract
may treat the cyst form of Borrelia

Krill oil to reduce inflammation

Cilantro as a natural chelator for heavy metals

Serrapeptase helps to break biofilms

Resveratrol may treat Bartonella, a co-infection and also helps detoxification

GABA and melatonin to help with insomnia

Artemisinin and Andrographis, two herbs that may treat Babesia, a common co-infection

CoQ10 to support cardiac health and reduce muscle pain and brain fog

Quercetin reduces histamine (often high in Lyme)

Transfer factors can help boost immune function
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Additional Natural Ways to Help Recover From Lyme Disease

Here are several other natural ways to help your body recover from Lyme Disease. Some help the antibiotics do their work of killing the bacteria, others help your body deal with the antibiotic treatment and also help ease the symptoms while you recover.

Natural Ways to Deal with Lyme


While researchers admit more research is warranted, acupuncture appears to be a promising way to help reduce or eliminate pain brought on by Lyme disease.

Lyme-killing plants:

According to the report, herbs like samento, banderol, andrographis, Japanese knotweed/resveratrol, smilax, cat’s claw, and Stephania all target Lyme and related tick-borne infections. Be sure to talk to a doctor knowledgeable in integrative medicine for more info on taking these herbs.

Have tea time:

Green tea compounds, along with curcumin, a component of the spice turmeric, are known to reduce oxidative stress and help aid in traditional antibiotic treatment.

Be tested for deficiencies:

Zinc, B, and D vitamin deficiencies could slow down Lyme recovery, so be sure to ask your doctor to test for these, and improve your diet or supplement accordingly to bring your numbers up to healthy levels.


Probiotic foods may help replenish beneficial bacteria in the gut that are wiped out by antibiotic Lyme disease treatment. Organic yogurt, kefir, and even fermented vegetables are good sources of probiotics.


Even small concentrations of oxygen can help destroy Lyme bacteria in the body. Although Lyme typically zaps people’s energy, intense exercise during and after treatment can help keep the disease at bay.

Inflammation annihilators:

Dr. Eliaz recommends natural compounds that ease inflammation, such as curcumin, modified citrus pectin, and Tibetan Herbal Formula.
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Would you consider adding natural treatments into your routine treatment for Lyme Disease?